These are the projects, companies or brands that I am directly involved with.

MTech MaltaMTech Malta is combination of several products, represented by the formation of a new entity, MTech Malta. From Pest & Mosquito Control, Misting Cooling, Odour suppression to Anti-Microbial Surface Protection and more..

Jumor GamingJumor Gaming is several years worth of Formula 1 data in one place. Data such as last wins, number of wins, predictions, as well as podcasts of the past race, current race and upcoming race(s).

Mosquito Busters MaltaMosquito Busters Malta was the only company in Malta, that is 100% focussed on eradicating Mosquitoes. Highly effective, we ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces again, mosquito free.

CubmanCUstom Business MANagement was management service company, that extends your business into South Africa.

OBEDObed, is a production company, that writes shows for theatre, small screen, schools and also full-length feature films.

SomeBiltongSomeBiltong is the best biltong available in Malta.. Biltong is dried meat (usually beef) made with a secret recipe. SomeBiltong ensures the best quality, every time.

The Video Times The Video Times, is an online video only, news and updates magazine, featuring short videos about everything and (almost) anything – these days, video is everything.. Journalists from around the world can post videos, or articles, and our software will automatically convert the articles into videos.

PotjieIdeas – Typical South African food, that is made by layering the food from slowest, to quickest, in a special iron pot, the potjie pot. PotjieIdeas share recipes, and, we try to guess the recipe of others potjie by looking at photo’s and trying to remake theirs.

Eden CinemasEden Cinemas I was the Business Development Executive, responsible for building relationships and making new ones, for advertising at the Eden Cinemas.

Av Consultant – Audio, Visual and Entertainment. AV Consultants offers assistance to cruise ships, cinemas, theatres, night clubs, and recording studios that are capable of producing 4D audio. We also offer online training courses.

DieterG Brands:

  • DieterGProductions – Music Production
  • DieterGDrones – Drone Videos
  • DieterGPrograms – Software Programming

VIS Recruit MaltaVIS Recruit helps you get a job onboard ships, and yachts, while traveling as quickly as possible. Want to work and travel?

Steampunk WizardsSteampunk Wizards develops mobile games

Butterfly Car Rentals – Rent-A-Car from Butterfly Car Rentals for quality service, peace of mind and an enjoyable stay in Malta. Can’t afford to buy a car, why not lease one.

MoovlyMoovly is an online video editing package, that includes assets, animation, presentation style control.

Honestly Pregnant – A pregnancy blog, about the journey, from seed to birth of our new little one.. (Due December 2020) – Covid Baby LOL